SONGWRITING legend Burt Bacharach will perform in Sussex for the first time when he takes to the stage at a jazz festival.

Bacharach will play at Love Supreme, a three-day music festival in Glynde near Lewes from Friday, July 1, until Sunday, July 3.

The US musician became a household name throughout the 1960s and 70s while working with lyricist Hal David.

The 88-year-old is the talent behind songs such as Close To You and Raindrop Keep Falling On My Head.

Speaking exclusively to The Argus ahead of his Sussex debut, Bacharach said: "I have never played in Sussex before. I'm really looking forward to it."

The star, in an extensive interview being published in The Guide tomorrow, reveals how over the years he has worked on some of his biggest hits in the studio.

Bacharach became famous for introducing unusual chord progressions and time signatures into pop music, taking influence from jazz and breaking the formula of what was considered palatable for the public by record company bosses.

Asked if he thought he was changing the face of pop music at the time, Bacharach told The Argus: "I just knew that certain things were different and that they were right. And they became successful.

"They stayed in different time signatures, but it wasn't intentional. I wasn't trying to make listening to music hard for anybody.

"I would talk to record company executives and they would say, 'If you change it this way, which is more natural, we'll give you So-And-So to record the song.' But there goes the song. Ruined.

"But you need that first hit with a record label. It frees you up so you can be more creative.

"It shouldn't be difficult. A lot of the music I have written and performed gets you in the heart. It's emotional."

In tomorrow's interview, Bacharach also discusses his work with Hal David and the songs that nearly got away.

Love Supreme takes place in Glynde Place near Lewes and also features Grace Jones, Kelis and Skye Edwards performing with Ross Godfrey from Morcheeba.

There are single day tickets as well as weekend passes.

Visit or call TicketLine on 0844 888 9991.

Read the full interview here.