A DECISION to put the Palace back into Brighton’s pier has been welcomed by a leading authority on seaside piers.

The National Piers Society had strongly objected to the decision by the pier’s previous owners the Noble Organisation to drop the name palace and just use Brighton instead.

Along with The Argus, the organisation has continued to use the original name since the change was made in 2000.

A spokesman for the society said: “We are delighted that the new owners have recognized the strength of feeling demonstrated in the campaign to have the name Palace restored.

“The previous owners, in a fit of pique, erected the sign Brighton Pier directly facing the West Pier, an action which infuriated local residents and pier historians alike.

“The society looks forward to working with managing director Anne Martin and her team in this new era for the UK's most popular pier."

Hove MP Peter Kyle also welcomed the news.

He said: “Good sense prevails at last! Palace Pier was always more than just a name, it was part of our cultural identity, part of the glue that makes us Brightonians.

"I can’t wait to see the name Brighton Palace Pier up in lights.

"So much change in the world right now is frightening or unsettling, but this is one change that will unite everyone who lives in and loves our city and that can only be a good thing”

The Argus exclusively revealed on Friday the pier’s new owner Luke Johnson had decided to change the name to Brighton Palace Pier following a 16-year campaign by the paper and overwhelming public support.

Politicians, business leaders and well known faces across the city said they were delighted at the move and called it a “perfect compromise” which would satisfy many.

Pier managing director Anne Martin told the paper they had already had some very positive comments and the team were very pleased that people liked it.

She said: “We listened to what people were saying and we are glad we have been able to judge public opinion correctly.”