NORMAN Baker has called for Tony Blair to be impeached over the Iraq war, following the Chilcot report.

The former Lewes MP who has long campaigned for the truth over the death of weapons inspector David Kelly said he still holds out hope that his death would be fully investigated.

Speaking to The Argus yesterday Mr Baker said: "We have had to wait a long time for this and there is a sense that justice delayed is justice denied.

"Tony Blair is in terrible self denial. Saying the evidence wasn't sexed up can only be trying to keep his spirits up. You almost feel sorry for him.

"He should just admit he was wrong and move on.

"I would like him to be impeached and made to defend himself because he has done so much wrong. "

Mr Baker said he knew that the inquiry would not re-examine the death of weapons inspector David Kelly - having discussed the remit of the report with John Chilcot several years ago.

Mr Baker published his own dossier of evidence which he believes casts doubt on the Hutton Inquiry’s key conclusion that Dr Kelly killed himself in 2003.

He has written two books about Kelly's death and long held the belief that the government scientist may have been assassinated - due to the details of his injuries and other evidence of how he was found.

There was no coroner's inquest into Mr Kelly's death.