PUPILS will get an extra week's holiday in the autumn under new term dates announced for state schools in Brighton and Hove.

An extended autumn half term will come into force in the academic year 2017 to 2018.

It has traditionally been a one week break from school in October but this will be changed to a fortnight.

The first extended autumn half term will run from 16 October to 27 October in 2017.

This additional week of holiday will not reduce the number of teaching and learning days children receive as changes have been made to the start and finish of the three main terms.

Cllr Tom Bewick, chair of children, young people and skills committee, said: "Modern families come in all shapes and sizes and the reduction in the discretion available to headteachers is damaging.

"The introduction of a new week's holiday in term time is a positive step and I hope addresses the behaviour of travel companies who whack up prices."

The move follows consultation with parents and carers which ran earlier this year and debate at last month’s children, young people and skills committee.

The new term dates have been set with consideration to the term dates of schools in the neighbouring authorities of East and West Sussex.

• Autumn term will start on 1 September 2017 and end on 20 December 2017

o Half term break will be 16 October 2017 to 27 October 2017

• Spring term will start on 2 January 2018 and end on 29 March 2018

o Half term break will be 12 February 2018 to 16 February 2018

• Summer term will start on 12 April 2018 and end on 24 July 2018

o Half term will be 28 May 2018 to 1 June 2018.

The same holiday pattern will apply during the academic year 2018 to 2019 as a pilot arrangement after which time the changes will be reviewed.