A DAY tripper drags an unconscious man towards a boat as lifeguards try to give him CPR.

This dramatic picture shows the moment an unconscious man was pulled from the sea off Brighton beach on one of the hottest days of the year.

The 36-year-old from north west London was saved and is thought will make a full recovery after the efforts of the tourist and seafront lifeguards who gave him CPR while he was floating in the water on Monday afternoon.

However a second swimmer died after getting into trouble in the water on Tuesday evening.

On Monday David and Sandra Duke and Richard Martinez, were all on a boat trip from Brighton Marina they saw the man floating in the water between the piers at about 4.30pm.

Mr Duke and Surrey private detective Mr Martinez  jumped into the water to try to pull the man on to the boat. When Mr Duke appear to be having difficulties his wife Sandra also jumped in to help.

Lifeguards from the beach then met them on a speedboat and performed CPR in the water, before he was taken back to land and to Royal Sussex County Hospital by ambulance.

He was last night thought to still be in hospital but in a stable condition and recovering.

Mr Martinez said: "He was floating face down past the swimming buoy.

"Myself and another chap from the boat jumped into the water when we realised it wasn't a joke.

"We really thought he was dead.

"He looked pale and was foaming at the mouth.

"I jumped in and swam over to him. The crew threw a lifebelt out and I got it over him and I swam him towards their boat.

"The lifeguards gave him mouth to mouth while I was holding him in the water.

"They did an amazing job with no thought for themselves.

"I just hope this helps other swimmers to know the dangers. "

Seafront manager Chris Ingalls, whose team helped save the man's life, said the man was thought to have been swimming a long way out.

He said: "People need to be so aware that the sea can be so unforgiving and catch you out.

"It happens so quickly and the sea can be so brutal.

"The sea has been pretty flat and calm so there are not any obvious conditions that would have caused either of them to get into trouble.

"We don't know for certain what happened in either case, but would always urge people not to swim too far out. There is no need to swim out of your depth and swim along the beach rather than out.

Beach goers attempted to save the life of a 44 year old man who got into difficulties east of the Palace Pier at about 8pm on Tuesday.

Sussex Police said that the man from South West London had died despite the attempts to rescue him.