SMARTPHONES are such an all-conquering part of everyday life it is hard to imagine life without them.

But one bar owner is taking a stand against modern technology not by banning them - but by disabling them.

Visitors to The Gin Tub, which opens today on the site of former Seventy6 bar, may have to find other ways to pass the time as their date goes goes to the bathroom.

The latest addition to Church Road in Hove also takes the wildly popular gin movement as its hook, with 50 different varieties on offer.

Business partners Steve Tyler and Scot Callister will bring their years of experience running events to spice nights up.

One quirk is the ordering, with each table having its own retro telephone to save thirsty drinkers the need to cluster at the bar.

As well as ordering a round, tables can also call one another - on the condition that they buy their neighbours drinks.

But while traditional dial phones take centre stage, mobile phones are off the menu.

They have installed a Faraday Cage inside, a copper screen which blocks mobile signals.

The idea came out of a not unreasonable desire to return to time when people would talk to one another at bars.

Steve explained: “Mobile phones have killed pubs. I hate seeing a whole group of people sitting there on their phones.

“Rather than telling people they can’t use they phones we’ve basically disabled them.”

The table top lambs and telephone ordering also hark back to a bygone era, and came from a place of frustration and a desire to fix a problem.

Steve said: “I was in a cocktail bar and I found myself waiting, and waiting, and waiting – so much that I eventually just decided to leave. Making cocktails just takes so long.”

As well as saving customers time queuing at the bar, The Gin Tub also have other time-saving tips.

Customers can choose a platter where they get a pre-decanted gin of their choice, tonic and quirky garnish, which they can make up themselves.

G&Ts can also be ordered mixed at the bar with gins ranging from the basic to the extravagant.

As well as gin there will be a selection of beer and wine – though nothing on tap.

“We’re a gin bar that sells drinks – not like all the pubs that sells gin”, Steve added. “We don’t do draft beer. We do some craft beer but we also do beers that people want, like Peroni.”

The style is described as “shabby chic”, with various quirky British reference points.

They will use their experience of running hen events, which includes burlesque and pole-dancing, to show people a different kind of night out, with gin making and music nights planned.

“I always say Hove is a village next to a city," Steve added. "You can have a good bar here and it could still fail because Brighton's so close. It’s a tough market.

"The interest has been enormous. We're really proud of what we've done."