A LECTURER convicted of violently attacking his student lover has left his post, the University of Sussex has confirmed.

Dr Lee Salter, a media and communications lecturer, initially kept his job after being found guilty of beating Allison Smith.

He met the 24-year-old student during an induction day at the university.

Later during their year-long relationship - which is understood to have been condoned by the university - he became violent as she tried to comfort him one night.

He punched her in the face, knocking her out, and stamped on her, a court heard.

She was left with a black eye and bruises on her side in an ordeal which she said changed her life.

He threw a container of salt in her face chipping her tooth and causing her nose to bleed.

The 40-year-old, of Aberdeen Road, Brighton, was also convicted of causing criminal damage to her phone and make-up at Brighton Magistrates’ Court.

For both crimes he was handed a 22-week jail sentence suspended for 18 months, told to complete 150 hours of unpaid work and issued with a restraining order not to contact his victim. He has since appealed the conviction.

In the ten months between his arrest and sentence he continued to teach at the university.

But on Saturday evening a statement was released confirming he no longer works at the university.

A spokesman said the university would review its regulations and address concerns that arose from the case.

Ms Smith said was left so traumatised she was afraid to leave the house.

She did not attend the trial and continues to have flashbacks affecting her ability to attend job interviews, sleep and socialise.

A university spokesman initially said it would not comment on "individual employee matters" when contacted by The Argus on Friday.

But the university later confirmed Salter had had no contact with students since has conviction. 

Counsellors who supported Ms Smith through the trial said the university had displayed a “concerning lack of care for the safety and welfare of its students”, reports said.

A university spokesman said on Saturday: "Dr Lee Salter is no longer employed by the University of Sussex.

"Due to the court proceedings there were some things we were unable to comment on but this matter has been, and will continue to be, of utmost priority for the University.

"We will be reviewing all relevant University regulations and procedures and will comprehensively address any concerns or lessons which may arise from this case.

"The University does not tolerate violence of any sort and the safety of our students is absolutely paramount."

Salter said he could not comment when contacted by The Argus yesterday.


"I feel as though he not only so freely stamped on me physically but stamped out my confidence.

"I have graphic nightmares about what happened, I can see his foot coming down on me, salt being poured over me, and I wake up shaking and sweating.

"I often fear that another young woman will have to endure what I have with him and I fear that I won’t have closure for a long time. The shock of what happened; the patterns of manipulation, the disturbing physical and verbal abuse will never leave me." - domestic abuse victim Allison Smith