A DETERMINED mother who says she has been discriminated against because of her autistic son is to appear on national television this week to share her experiences.

Jay Brewerton, 45, from Bexhill, claims businesses and members of the public both discriminate against her because of Isaias, aged seven, who has two forms of severe autism.

His senses sometimes become overwhelmed and as a result, Jay says she has been banned from the same fast food outlet twice, refused service in a cafe and asked to leave various shops.

Now the family are to appear on Channel 4 News with the programme featuring a ten-minute segment on disability each night this week.

Jay said: "The television team followed Isaias around to see what it was like living with autism, and he found it really exciting.

"The hope is to raise awareness of autism locally and nationally and raise awareness of groups like the Bexhill branch of the National Autistic Society, which has been a great support to me.

"Autism is one of those hidden disabilities because it does not come with a wheelchair or clearly visible signs of a disability,

"People do not understand that you have got a child who is not misbehaving – he is doing what he is doing because his senses are overwhelmed. He also has high anxiety and fear of what is coming next with the situation he’s in.

"Isaias frequently becomes aggressive and violent because he wants to go home where he feels safe and he tries everything he can to gain control to make you leave. Make no mistake, it can be very challenging."

Jay said that Channel Four is considering a documentary on what she says is the near impossible process of obtaining an Education, Health and Care Plan from the local authority.

She believes that a vast number of autistic children are not being properly supported within mainstream schools.

You can contact Jay directly at autism@jayb.com