AN animal centre is urging the public to sign a petition demanding puppy farming to be banned.

Raystede is anticipating a rise in flat-faced breeds arriving at its centre in Ringmer near Lewes in the coming months as the London trend of carrying around these fashionable dogs begins to spread.

These include pugs, such as Jack, pictured, who recently arrived at Raystede, French bulldogs, and Boston terriers.

Many of these breeds come from puppy farming, which is why Raystede is trying to help towards a nationwide ban.

At present local authorities control licensing for puppy farms but Raystede bosses often feel there is often no proper enforcement to ensure ethical practices are in place.

The puppies are often taken from their mother and then go out to third party puppy sellers.

Raystede kennels manager Val Suleski said: "Flat-faced dogs can make fantastic companions but breeders know they can make a lot of money from selling them because they are ‘cute.’

"It means their health is not always the top priority.

"If you adopt a flat-faced dog from us, the kennels staff will be honest about any health issues and how much it could potentially cost in vets fees.

"Flat-faced breeds are prone to all sorts of breathing difficulties, physiological problems and eye ulcers.

"This can become very costly in vets fees and it is often why they end up in rescue centres like Raystede.

"If you adopt a flat-faced dog from a rescue centre, the kennels staff will be honest about what you are taking on and how much it will cost you. There will be no nasty surprises."

The charity is keen to highlight the damage and suffering bad breeding can cause puppies and dogs.

If you are interested in rehoming a dog or any other animal from Raystede, contact the Rehoming team on 01825 840747.

The puppy farming petition can be found at