THE landmarks Brighton and Hove is famous for are celebrated with a Snowdog named after an historic train.

Artist Jenny Leonard's design for Brighton Belle features everything from the Palace Pier to the i360 and is attracting the attention of thousands on the concourse at London Victoria near platform 15.

The Snowdog was named in honour of one of the world's best known trains, the famous Pullman electric engine from Brighton to the capital which operated between 1933 and 1972. It stands in front of a special backdrop showing off all Brighton has to offer and urging people to travel to see the rest of the trail.

The 32-year-old Londoner, who designed today's Argus front page in the theme of her Snowdog, said: "I've designed more than 20 sculptures for these sorts of trails and really enjoyed it. They have raised £36,150 for charity at the auctions so I hope Brighton Belle will raise even more for The Martlets.

The Argus:

Jenny Leonard's design on the front page of today's Argus

"It's amazing to think thousands of people are looking at my work on their commute through one of the capital's busiest stations."

Eleanor Harris, chief executive of the i360 which has sponsored the sculpture, said: "We felt it was important the artwork conveys the vibrancy of Brighton and Hove as well as its iconic landmarks. Jenny Leonard’s style is exactly what we were looking for – bright, contemporary and energetic, just like the city that Brighton Belle represents."