A PUPIL did not have a day off sick throughout his secondary school education and his dad is very proud, but he is angry that all he got was a certificate and a pen.

Lee Stannard's sixteen-year-old son, Sam, attended Portslade Aldridge Community Academy (PACA) everyday for five years earning him a 100 per cent attendance record. The sports-mad teen missed family skiing holidays and ploughed on through coughs and colds to achieve the feat.

But despite being entered into a prize draw for those who achieved 100 percent attendance, on every last day of term from year seven to eleven, Sam did not win the coveted Ipad each time.

At PACA's annual award ceremony he was awarded a certificate and a fountain pen. But Mr Stannard said he was "gutted" for Sam only to receive a pen. He said: "He was a bit disappointed, to have got through the whole of secondary school and not miss a lesson, to be awarded a fountain pen.

"You would have thought for the last day of term prize draw, they would have given him the iPad.

"No one would have known any different if they had just awarded him it to him.

"I was down-hearted for him."

Sam said he maintained his excellent attendance, after another boy who achieved 100 per cent attendance for five years was given a laptop.

The sporty teen who is now studying at BHASVIC said: "I started going in everyday, and when I was ill I didn't feel ill enough to stay at home, and then after a few year I realised I haven't had a day off school.

"My family goes on holiday skiing most years, and when my whole family went in February, I didn't go.

"Every term I was entered in and wasn't picked once, bit unlucky. But that's the way it goes.

"If I could go back I probably would have gone skiing."

PACA Principal Katie Scott said: "We have worked extremely hard to promote the importance of attendance and we are very proud that attendance figures at PACA are above the national average and the second highest in the city. We have driven attendance in a variety of ways, including competitions and awards.

"Attending every day of school over five years is a tremendous achievement for any student. We recognised Sam’s achievement in the year 11 leavers’ assembly and in a special award at our inaugural annual awards ceremony. That evening was all about students’ successes and achievements being recognised, and their pride in that. Every winner received the same prize – a certificate of achievement and a pen."