THE Government has overturned Lancashire County Council’s decision to reject fracking, paving the way for shale drilling in the county

If the frackers think this green light in Lancashire will allow them to trample over our precious environment in the South East they should think again.

Local communities won’t stand by and watch some of our most fragile and treasured landscapes exposed to the noise, air, light and water pollution that fracking would bring.

The government needs to pay attention to the wide range of environmental and economic experts who oppose fracking.

They must also listen to the local people defending their local landscapes from being trashed and their health from being threatened by this dinosaur industry.

It is astonishing that this announcement comes in the same week the European Parliament ratified the Paris climate agreement.

Theresa May has clearly forgotten her commitment to put pen to paper on the same accord.

Fracking and a dash for gas are wholly incompatible with a commitment to keeping global temperature rises below two degrees.

I feared our unelected Prime Minister was sidestepping democracy.

Now it seems clear she is riding roughshod over it.

Theresa May has no democratic mandate of her own and continues to force through policies that are damaging our environment, the economy, and local communities.

  • Keith Taylor is Green MEP for the South East and member of the European Parliament's Environment committee