Multi-talented London Hughes is on the road to stardom - though many people may not yet have heard of her. 

The presenter, actor and comedian London Hughes has been fronting ITV’s flagship morning children's programme Scrambled for the past two years. 

It is the channel's attempt at bringing back the glory days of weekend shows like Ant and Dec on CD:UK and SMTV Live. The show is set in a flat and is a fun mix of chat, games and comedy sketches.

London, 27, who spent her teenage years in Brighton and now lives in Peacehaven said: “For some reason kids TV died, but it has been brought back to life again with Scrambled and it’s such fun,“ London said.

London is currently on a mission to become the presenter with the most Guinness World Records after winning her second title on screen for building the tallest paper cup in 30 seconds.

“I have enormously big hands for a woman so it helps if you’re quick with them," she said.

"I want to get the most word records because they look really good in my bathroom. They give you a massive plaque and they look fabulous.”

It is hardly surprising London, who always wanted to be famous, made it to the small screen.

“Since I was a little girl I always wanted to be on TV, my mum said she found me trying to get on TV when I was five by climbing on the back of it.”

She moved from South London to Brighton at the age 14 when her mother came to the city to run her own B&B in New Steine.

Following a stint at Falmer High School in Lewes Road, now BACA, London joined BHASVIC where she caught the performing bug.

“I studied performing arts and got the highest grade in the county, so I had lots of fun," she said.

But it wasn’t till London started at Kingston University that she found comedy.

“I entered a standup competition and ended up winning.

"My life changed. And after getting an agent good things, I was soon on TV performing all the time.”

The comedian, who has performed alongside comedians Lenny Henry, Russell Kane and Jo Brand, is preparing for her one woman show at festivals next year.

London became the youngest woman to win a Funny women Award at the Comedy Store, one of the capitals busiest venues, after only performing stand-up for nine months.

Through her stand up gigs she has even performed for Prince Charles and amassed admiration from legions of celebrities including comedians David Baddiel, Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell.

London’s stand-up routine is energetic and impossible to ignore, discussing all kinds of topics from going to an all white school to dating guys that smell like her dad, as well as challenging stereotypes that audiences have about women and the black community.

“I’m not shy to talk about anything from relationships to parents and family. I literally will say things you think but would be too scared to say - so I'm very in your face like Amy Schumer.

“I’ve been heckled once in my seven year comedy career and I finished that guy completely. It’s like an attack of comedy and I come at you.”

Now London is taking her comedy from the stage to the screen after starring in BBC Three comedy Fleabag. The comedy series has stormed America after being picked up by Amazon’s TV service.

Fleabag follows a young woman trying to cope with life in London whilst coming to terms with a recent tragedy. In the third episode London plays a sex shop worker.

She said: “I’m getting a lot of sexy saucy roles and I can’t complain.

“Everyone has stopped me to talk about it and it’s reached over to America, US actress Girls Lena Dunham watches the show and thinks it is amazing, so I am really happy Lena has seen my face.”

London is now looking forward to her first one-woman comedy show at next year's Edinburgh Fringe. 

You can watch Scrambled on CITV 6am to 9pm Saturday and Sundays.

You can also watch Fleabag on iPlayer.