I was hoping to wake up the day after the American elections and be able to celebrate the first female president.

One massive step for man, one small step for womenkind.

I wanted to twirl my daughters round and tell them their future had just brightened.

Instead I woke up to the news that a narcissistic, misogynistic megalomaniac won instead.

I was saddened but not shocked. Since Brexit broke my heart I’ve become hardened to the fact that people make terrible calls of judgement, based on terrible propaganda.

I believe that Brexit paved the way for this to happen. Many of Trump’s ludicrous policies on immigration are reminiscent of the things said to refugees before and after the vote came in.

But when the American immigrants get told, ‘no one wants you, go back home’, it will be by a man who has the power to ensure it happens and the backing of a whole country. Up to 6.5 million people could be at risk of swift deportation.

My dear friend Father Martin Morgan said “There is a painful irony that we are here in Poland on the day of the decision, and today visited Auschwitz. I was touched by a remark on the wall there which says " those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

America voted for a man who wants to bring back waterboarding. “I like it a lot” Trump said in June.

A man who wants to put Mexico on the other side of a great wall, and for them to foot the bill.

A man who believes the world would be better off if Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were still in power.

A man who believes The Black Lives Matter movement is "trouble".

A man who thinks doctors should be punished for administering abortions.

A man who claimed not to have groped a woman, only because she was ‘not attractive enough for him to do so’.

What is worse, that this man exists, or that people voted for him?

People voted for violence. Trump's policies are built on hate, blame and punishment. How can this ever bring about peace, safety and prosperity?

When Teresa May was asked if Trump was a fit person to be president and someone she could work with, she said: "Yes, I look forward to working with president-elect Trump. The American people have elected him as the next president of the United States."

Maybe he'll give her a groping, if he deems her attractive enough of course.

The Argus: Consulting by a doctor.  Picture: pixabay.com

Trump is not the only man with a God complex.

Just this week I visited a consultant at a private hospital. I paid £200 for a man to glance at me as I walked in and decide there was nothing wrong with me.

Now, without going into my medical history, (much as I Iove to overshare) the ‘problem’ I went to see him about cannot be seen when I have clothes on, or without investigation requiring x-ray vision.

I am not sure what is was about me that made him decide to treat me like a time-wasting hypochondriac with baked beans for brain cells.

Was it my tattoos, my nose piercing? Was it the fact I was not dressed pretty with make up on?

Maybe it was simply that years of power and promotions have addled his brain.In no other circumstances would he have been able to appraise and dismiss me in such a fashion, me paying him to do so.

He was not a Marvel character, yet he seemed to have a marvellous ability to diagnose without any diagnostics.

I was sorely tempted to tell him he could forget his appointment.

What would I have to have done to prove my problem? Beg him to give me a good check over?

It’s almost funny, he treated me like a pain in the bum, when actually it was the pain in my bum I wanted treating.

The letter he wrote to my GP was like a school report, with more observations on my mental state than on my problem.

“She certainly thinks things have got worse” he wrote to my Doctor. How gloriously patronising is that? He might as well have added, “bless her” at the end.

To “settle my incredibly anxious mind” he kindly offered to examine me further, for a cool £1,666. Yes, 666, the number of the beast.

I guess I’ll just have to put the whole thing behind me and go back to the NHS waiting list.