An old man has been told to stop sunbathing naked - or face jail.

Serial flasher Richard Stofer, 63, has a history of letting it all hang out when the sun comes out.

But he has been given a final warning after being caught lying naked in a neighbour's garden while she was out.

Police were called after another neighbour's children saw him lying on his front from from upstairs window.

Officers who climbed onto a chair and peered over a hedge could see him in the garden in Victoria Drive, Eastbourne.

He claimed he had gone into the garden after his own lawn was left in shadow.

Stofer was in breach of an antisocial behaviour order (Asbo) banning him from exposing himself in public, a court heard.

Robert Hall, prosecuting, said Stofer had previous convictions for sunbathing naked and exposing himself on Eastbourne beach in 2004.

He was also prosecuted for stripping off in the front garden of his home in Milton Road, Eastbourne, where he could be seen through a hole in the hedge.

The Asbo was slapped on him in 2005 and he was warned he faced up to five years in prison if he flouted it.

Stofer had denied breaching the order on July 31 last year and was due to stand trial at Hove Crown Court yesterday. (thu) However, he changed his plea to guilty after being told he would be given a suspended sentence.

He admitted breaking the ban by exposing his genitals in a place which was in public view.

Charles Royale, defending, said: "He is extremely sorry and ashamed.

"He only went into the neighbour's garden to sunbathe when his own became overshadowed.

"He did not know he was being observed but accepts that he should have checked properly to see if he could be seen by others.

"He says he was not lying in a way to expose himself and had a towel to cover himself if anyone came."

Stofer was given a five month prison sentence suspended for two years.

He was also banned from going into the neighbour's garden for two years.

Judge Cedric Joseph told him:"This sort of conduct cannot continue.

"If you commit and offence of this kind again you will be going straight off to prison."