ONE of Brighton’s leading restaurants is set to become of the city’s most unique now its £4 million proposals have been given the go ahead.

Work is set to begin shortly on the award-winning sushi restaurant Moshimo’s skylight expansion after Brighton and Hove City Council planning officers gave it permission for take-off.

Moshimo co-founder Nicholas Röhl hopes the 85-foot high addition to Bartholomew Square will lead to modern architecture being used to brighten up other neglected parts of Brighton.

He said the “eye-popping” but “subtle” restaurant would become a landmark building the city will become known for.

The five-storey building, an independent 130-cover restaurant above Moshimo, will be built offsite in a factory, transported into the city in either one or three pieces, and constructed by crane over a few days.

It is hoped that Skylight, designed by architect Michael Spooner, could open early next year.

Mr Röhl said: “It’s actually not that visible from the surrounding areas.

“It’s really only visible along Prince Albert Street for about ten metres and then it disappears from view again and only comes into its own when you walk into the square, it’s a peek-a-boo effect.

“Because Bartholomew Square has become so benighted and lacklustre, what else could be done there, something dramatic had to be done.”

Mr Röhl said he hoped Skylight would lead to greater acceptance of modern buildings in the city.

He said: “There is a big vociferous population down here that hate anything modern but we believe that modern architecture done well can enhance old buildings and improve places and that was our pitch.

“KARL [Jones, Moshimo co-founder] and I didn’t want to grow Moshimo in the same way as anybody else.

“We don’t want to grow through being in every single high street in every single town, we want to grow through interesting projects and through interesting architecture.

“You have big chains coming down to Brighton but Brighton is different and so businesses should be different.

“You shouldn’t just do what the hedge funds want you to do.”