IT’S OFFICIAL - the votes are in. These people make our city a happier place.

The second Brighton and Hove Happy List, part of a national network of lists that recognise people who bring smiles and cheer to their community every day - has been released.

Happy Lists were born out of a need to provide an antidote to those rich lists and celebrity lists that worship at the shrine of the wealthy, the bonus-getters and the tax-avoiders.

This list honours a different set of values and recognises those who work to make their communities better-adjusted places, leading to their cities, and thus countries, becoming better and happier places too.

Nominations were made and happiness champions were chosen.

Now meet some of the men and women who are Brighton and Hove’ s Happiness Champions for 2016.


THE bid to find the people who are best at spreading happiness has been organised through the Action for Happiness and Happy City projects.

Now in its second year, the 2016 Brighton and Hove Happy List celebrates people who make our city a happier, better adjusted and more selfless place.

By showcasing people who focus on the happiness of others instead of themselves, this lists highlights and celebrates the unsung heroes among us who go out of their way to make their communities a better place to live and work.

These lists recognise people for their kindness, zest for life and dedication to helping others – not the money in the bank account, the number of Instagram followers or friends on Facebook.

After all the nominations came in the judges chose Brighton and Hove’s Happiness Champions. Here is the full list:

Jeannie Hignell, fitness trainer

Bert Williams, founder of Brighton and Hove Black History

Dr Tim Worthley, lead GP for Homeless Clinic

Avril Fuller, friend and supporter of the travelling community

David Blood, business owner at Posture People, part-time stand-up comedian and British Heart Foundation fundraiser

Rik Turner, creator of Wellbeing Booster Drink

Ruth Anslow, co-founder of hiSbe Food

Alanna McIntyre, volunteer

Ann O’Keife, laughter yoga teacher

Dr Geoffrey Mead, lecturer

Kate Holder, volunteer 

Pablo Woodward, street dancer

Rebecca Fidler, Arts Collective founder

Helen Thatcher, workshop facilitator

Jess Egan, youth centre manager

Melanie Rees, Green Centre creative director

Karen Chatfield, customer service adviser B&Q

Paul Richards, creator of Stay up Late and Gig Buddies

Richard Mehmed, founder of the Wood Recycling Project

Caroline Henderson, co-ordinator, the Hove Luncheon Club

Jo White, project manager for Wishing Well

Lucy Stone, strategic consultant, Rhythmix

Zara Wood, organiser of Brighton PechaKucha

Joanna Heal, exercise teacher

Alex Paterson, deputy nursery teacher

Andy Bradley, founder of Frameworks 4 Change

Jenny Barnard-Langston, chair of governors and charity worker

John Easterby, The Verdict Café and Jazz bar

JP Omari and Annalies, founders of Streetfunk

Li Mills, singing teacher and choir leader

Louise Roberts, Brighton beach patrol manager

Nathan Roberts, co-founder of A Band of Brothers

Pete Davis, founder of the Cascade Coffee Shop

Steven Peake, manager of The Synergy Centre

Tom Druitt, founder of The Big Lemon Buses

Catie Holdridge, volunteer for Sunday Assembly

Jeff Clark-Meads, friend and supporter of Brighton’s homeless

Jane Bom-Bane, owner of Quirky Musical Cafe

Richard Robinson, science champion

Birdyman, street pedlar

Alistair Hignell, inspirational speaker and charity trustee.

This year’s judges were: Jane Lancashire (Happy City Representative and organiser of this year’s Happy List), Mike Dixon (co-organiser, Action for Happiness Brighton), Amy Parker (Brighton Belles WI and Happy Champion from 2015’s list), Cat Fletcher (Reuse Manager and Happy Champion from last year’s list) and Arron Hendy (The Argus). Organisers thanked The Argus, Sunday Assembly Brighton, Action for Happiness Brighton, Bailey & French and the Happy City Initiative for their support.