A MILLIONAIRE internet superstar has announced he is to shut down his online channel because he has become too successful.

Top video blogger PewDiePie has shocked his fans by announcing he will shut down his YouTube channel once he hits 50 million subscribers.

The Brighton-based media star – proper name Felix Kjellberg, who has earned millions form his home-made online exploits, said the feat had never been achieved before by anyone.

In a ten-minute long video entry – or vlog – he accused YouTube of trying to kill his channel because of his success and because he is white.

Felix, who dropped out of the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden to pursue a career as an internet personality, also took pot shots at fellow YouTubers including fellow Brightonian Zoella.

The 27-year-old Swedish-born internet star has become the most successful vlogger in the world over six years, earning more than $7 million in the process.

He has more than 49.7 million subscribers while his “deleting my channel” post had 12 million views in four days.

But frustrations with the Google-owned web giant YouTube have now reached boiling point with the top vlogger furious about changes to the channel which makes it harder for his fans to see more of his videos.

He accused the company of promoting random “clickbait” videos which his subscribers did not care about.

In the blog, he said: “Sorry Zoella I don’t care what is in your bag. Keep that away from me.”

He said his daily blogs were performing less well this year with some attracting just two million views.

Felix said being a vlogger was the hardest job he will ever have, much harder than a previous job working in a nightclub, because he put his heart and soul into it.

He added: “YouTube is trying to kill my channel.

“It’s because I have so many subscribers, it’s because I’m always complaining to them, because I have no family friendly content.

“YouTube want my channel gone, they want someone else on top.

“I’m white – can I make that comment? – but I do think that’s a problem.

“The only way to stop my channel from dying, I know you’re gonna think I’m joking, I’m going to delete my channel. I’m going to reach 50 million subscribers and kill it. It’s a huge landmark, a huge deal, it’s never been done before, no one has ever come close.”

But fans should not despair as the top internet star has said he’s going to start afresh with a new channel once he hits the target.