RESIDENTS have told The Argus how they love the new Brighton Palace Pier sign.

The new design with the word Palace brought back was finally uncovered after new pier owner Luke Johnson announced he was changing the pier’s name last year.  

Simon McPhee, 61, a Gardner from Old Mill Lane in Wannock, said “I love it, it’s superb. "It’s better than just Brighton Pier which doesn’t really mean anything.”

The layout creates an archway of the ‘Brighton’ part of the title, to reflect The Pier dome, with the remaining words ‘Palace Pier’ on the front façade of the building.

The new sign was designed by Lucy Williams, 47, of Five Ways Brighton, who was chosen as the winner from hundreds of entries. She also created the Open Market sign.

David Hollis, 29, an American Express worker from Edinburgh Road, Brighton, said: “It’s a lot better than the archway above the Open Market on London Road. I think it’s nice.”

The font is adapted from an 1820’s carnival font called “Madame”, and has been tweaked to match the Pavilion roof.

Lucy said: “To be chosen is a childhood dream come true, it is such as honour.”

In 2000 The Noble Organisation sparked outrage when workers pulled down the Palace Pier sign and replaced it with Brighton Pier. The Argus has been calling for the word Palace to be brought back ever since and on Saturday we exclusively revealed the new design for the sign and confirmed it will become the Brighton Palace Pier again soon, though the date is yet to be confirmed officially.

Businessman Luke Johnson’s Eclectic Bar group purchased the pier for £18million last April and decided to change its name.

Anne Martin, general manager of the pier said the public’s support for the ‘Palace’ part of the name was a major factor in its renaming.

Brighton Kemptown MP Simon Kirby said: “I have always referred to the Pier as the Palace Pier and am absolutely delighted that the new owners have listened to local residents.”


The Argus: Lucy Mytton

Lucy Mytton, 26, Art teacher, of Hove, said: "I like the colours. It’s nice for the tourists so they can relate to the history more as it’s a tourist attraction.”

The Argus: Richard Standen

Richard Standen, 28, shop worker, Mafeking Road, Brighton, said: “It think it’s a good thing bringing it back to what it used to be. It’s way better than the donut.”

The Argus: Tony Walls

Tony Walls, 69, a retired teacher who lives in Lancashire but is originally from Brighton, said: “I like the proper name. I was brought here as a six-year-old and used to go on the Palace Pier. I always liked the name and I missed it.”

The Argus: Alison Walls

Alison Walls, 65, a retired teacher, said: “I think it’s brilliant that there is a resurgence in what’s gone on before. I think it is good for bringing people to Brighton. It’s interesting that someone’s re-invested in it.”

The Argus: Marie Brooks

Marie Brooks, 60, of Sussex Way, Peacehaven, said: “It’ll stand out a bit more. It’ll encourage more people to  come back.”

The Argus: Simon McPhee 

Simon McPhee, 61, a gardener of Old Mill Lane, Wannock, near Polegate, said: “I love it, it’s superb. It’s better than  just Brighton Pier which doesn’t really mean anything.”

The Argus: David Hollis

David Hollis, 29, Edinburgh Road, Brighton, works at American Express, said: “It’s a lot better than the new archway above the Open Market on London Road! I think it’s nice.”