A Hollywood film starring Benedict Cumberbatch is being filmed in the grounds of the Royal Pavilion. 

Bemused onlookers watched on as they saw extras in 19th century costumes walking around and horses and carriages dotted in The Pavilion Gardens.

The Oscar-nominated star is filming for The Current War which sees Benedict take on the role of American inventor Thomas Edison.

The Pavilion Gardens are being used for the recreation of the 1893 Chicago World Fair, which became a battleground for Edison and George Westinghouse as they fought to win the contract to light the fairground at night. 

The biographical film charts the competition between electricity titans Edison and Westinghouse in their bid to provide electricity for the country.

Executive Producer Ann Ruark said: “This week production on upcoming electricity across the land. film The Current War has come to Brighton.

"The Royal Pavilion has given us the ideal setting to recreate the 1893 Chicago World Fair, where Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse battled for who would provide electricity across the land.

“We are truly grateful to Brighton and Hove City Council for being so accommodating and welcoming us to the city.”

Cllr Alan Robins, Brighton & Hove City Council chair of the council’s economic development, said: “We're pleased to welcome the filming team for The Current War to the Royal Pavilion this week and look forward to seeing the upcoming film when it's released. 

"Brighton & Hove is a fantastic location and has been the setting for many film and television shows. We're always keen to explore opportunities to showcase the city to audiences around the world in this way.

"With 10 million visitors each year, Brighton & Hove is a popular destination and seeing local iconic views on screen helps promote the city near and far.”

Former Skins and X-Men actor Nicholas Hoult also appears in the British star-studded cast.

The Pavilion will be closed until tomorrow and will re-open to the public on Saturday.