UNION bosses have written to the chief executive of Deliveroo to demand he raises the payment for a job by £1.

The Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain submitted the letter to William Shu on behalf of its members.

It comes after Brighton Deliveroo workers staged a protest last week.

The union said it had given Deliveroo two weeks to come to the negotiating table.

If it does not, the union warned it would launch a campaign against the company.

This would involve contacting Deliveroo’s clients in Brighton as well as organising protests and strikes.

A Deliveroo spokesman said: “Deliveroo has a strong relationship with riders and we strongly condemn the misleading claims and threats made by the IWGB, who misrepresent the views of the vast majority of riders who work with Deliveroo.

“Riders with Deliveroo in Brighton earn on average well over the minimum wage.

“We will continue to engage with riders directly to ensure that as the company grows, our riders continue to benefit from that growth.”

The protest on Saturday, organised independently of the union by Brighton couriers working for Deliveroo, was attended by a member of the union which some riders have subsequently joined.

The IWGB is currently involved with a group of Deliveroo couriers who began taking legal steps to union recognition and workers rights in November.

One Brighton Deliveroo rider said: “Now as a result of over-recruitment it is becoming relatively common to work on average for £4 an hour, especially during the day from Monday to Thursday, when you only get one delivery an hour.”

The union has said the campaign will be limited to Brighton and if an acceptable outcome is reached the campaign will not go ahead.

Mags Dewhurst, from IWGB, said: “The Deliveroo riders are not asking for anything unreasonable.

“They deserve the right to the national minimum wage, a fair contract and paid annual leave.

“These riders have the full support of the IWGB.”