AS WELL as the i360 you could soon be taking off on ... the i-220.

Brighton Palace Pier’s new attraction will take visitors up into the sky, offering scenic views of the seafront.

But unlike its namesake the i360, the i-220 will only be taking visitors to the less dizzying heights of eight metres.

The ride is the first of three new children’s attractions at the pier, including the return of the Dolphin Derby.

Marc Thorley, events and social media manager for the pier, said: “We now have the i-220, which is the first of three new fantastic rides.

“The great thing about this ride is that adults can go on it with their children if they are a little bit scared to go on it.”

Meanwhile, the Dolphin Derby is due to open later this week while the restaurant and gaming area inside the Dome located towards the end of the pier is being replaced with a new play area.

The four-storey indoor soft play area will be the main attraction, complete with ball pits, café and new pizzeria for birthday parties and groups.

The new rides come at an exciting time for the attraction which is re-incorporating the word “Palace” into its name.

It follows a long-running campaign to get the name reinstated.

Previous owner The Noble Organisation caused controversy in 2000 when it renamed the Palace Pier as Brighton Pier.

Both The Argus and the National Piers Society refused to recognise that name.

But in July last year new owner Luke Johnson decided to rename the attraction Brighton Palace Pier.

Despite being called Palace Pier before the controversy, the new pier bosses decided to keep Brighton in the name due to its importance in overseas branding.

Last month the new sign for Brighton Palace Pier was unveiled.

The design creates an archway of the Brighton part of the title to reflect the pier dome, with the remaining words Palace Pier on the facade of the building.

The new sign was designed by Lucy Williams, 47, of Five Ways, Brighton, who was chosen as the winner from hundreds of entries.

She also created the sign at the Open Market in London Road.

As a contrast to the new i-220, the British Airways i360, the world’s tallest moving observation tower takes guests on a flight to a staggering 138 metres.

The observation tower’s name is inspired by the 360-degree views it offers to visitors on its flight.

A British Airways i360 spokeswoman said: “It’s wonderful to see new rides opening on Brighton seafront, and the i-220 concept did make us chuckle.”