A COCKTAIL bar faces temporary closure after years of reported incidents including cocaine use, brawls and the rape of a woman leaving the venue.

Sussex Police have detailed a catalogue of incidents at Misty’s Cocktail Bar in Church Road, Hove, since the beginning of 2015.

It is asking for owner Afshin Kianifard to be removed as premises supervisor and that new measures should be introduced such as reduced hours, improved CCTV, plastic glasses and for professional doormen to be hired.

Police also request that the venue’s licence should be suspended for at least six weeks for such measures to be implemented.

In a letter to Brighton and Hove City Council’s licensing committee, which will meet to consider the licence review next Tuesday, Chief Superintendent Lisa Bell said: “This application has been submitted due to ongoing problems at the premises. These include assaults, public order offences and numerous incidents involving intoxication.

“In the last seven months, the premises saw two serious grievous bodily harm assaults with the victim in each case receiving life-changing injuries.

“Many of the assaults have been carried out by intoxicated patrons and there have also been incidents whereby those who have become intoxicated at the venue have consequently suffered harm.”

Mr Kianifard asserts that he has already introduced measures to tackle the issues with further staff training and drugs policy updates and has asked for more time to be allowed to judge the success of these measures.

He said: “I am an individual who takes his responsibilities extremely seriously and have always upheld the main licensing objectives to the best of my ability and will always continue to do so.

“We are turning away a substantial number of people if they don’t fit into the profile we feel appropriate to enter the venue. Large groups are no longer permitted to enter.

“Since the changes have been implemented we have not had any incidents.”