A SUPPORT group for the families of children with autism is to build a log cabin headquarters in a city park after securing funding.

The Brighton-based mASCot group was awarded £5,000 by a financial services company OneFamily through its Foundation Community Awards.

The money will allow mASCot to build a log cabin in the garden of Dottie’s Cafe, a disability friendly space in East Brighton Park, which will act as the group’s headquarters.

With more than 300 members, the premises will give mASCot a dedicated space where families can meet, take part in activities and talk to others in similar situations.

The parent-led group meets every fortnight and gives members a chance to share their experiences and offer support to other families of children with autism.

Mimi Banks is a member of the group.

She said: “The new log cabin means that we can create an environment that’s autism friendly, providing more opportunities for the kids and their families to meet face to face.”

Karl Elliott is the marketing director at Brighton-based OneFamily.

He said: “The increasing demand for mASCot’s services is down to the great work it’s been doing in the community.

“We’re very proud to be supporting them as they build their new headquarters, particularly as we’re also a Brighton-based business.

“Our community awards go right to the heart of what being part of a mutual society is all about, directly benefiting our customers and the causes closest to their hearts.

“Our next round of community awards is set to launch in the autumn.

“We would encourage our Brighton-based customers to get involved and nominate a cause that’s important to them.”

Through its foundation, OneFamily redistributes a proportion of profits back to customers and communities.

Last year, 100,000 people directly benefited from Foundation Community Awards.

MASCot (the ASC part of the name stands for children with an Autistic Spectrum Condition) was founded ten years ago by parent Sam Bayley.