A DISABLED graphic designer is launching a campaign for a wheelchair-friendly ramp on a popular beach.

Sam Taylor, 29, who has cerebral palsy, says a ramp would open up Seaford beach to people who are currently unable to use it.

He decided to start campaigning for a ramp because he was so frustrated at not being able to use the beach near his home.

He said: “I was in Eastbourne and came across a runway-type ramp leading from the promenade towards the sea.

“This sparked the idea that this would be brilliant for accessibility in Seaford and the community there.

“I have always thought it would be fantastic to be able to somehow go on the beach with my electric wheelchair without getting stuck in the shingle.

“I’d love to be able to see my nieces down by the shore on a hot summer day.”

The University of Brighton graduate, who is involved with several community projects in the town, says he loves sitting by the beach in the summer with his friends and family.

But the current poor access means he cannot get to the shoreline safely.

He said: “When I was younger my dad used to go fishing a lot down by the shore and I used to get very frustrated because I could never see him fish like other family members.

“It’s not just me, it’s grandparents and other wheelchair users who can’t see the shore.

“They are missing seeing their kids or their grandchildren enjoying the sea and having fun.”

Sam posted a photograph of a wheelchair-friendly wooden ramp way on the beach in Eastbourne on the Seaford noticeboard Facebook page, which he says drew positive comments.

He is now planning to work with members of the Seaford community on ways the town could raise funds for a ramp to be installed on the beach.

Sam hopes the campaign will be noticed by Seaford Town Council.

He said: “Not having access to the beach takes away the enjoyment of actually going to the beach.

“The activity of having a picnic on the beach with your loved ones, family or friends is not possible due to the fact that one simple roll-away ramp is not on the beach.

“It could be achievable.

“Wheelchair users could access the beach just by putting simple ramps on the shingle.

“Being able to be on Seaford beach would be amazing.”