WORTHING is one of 225 communities in the UK working to become dementia friendly.

Businesses attended the Dementia Action Alliance event to discover how they could become part of a dementia friendly community.

Employers such as Bennett Griffith and Stagecoach spoke about how they had come onboard and the benefits to customers, clients and employees.

Bennett Griffin’s journey began with a Dementia Friends information session for a team of 15.

Following positive feedback the firm invested in two of its solicitors, Ian Macara and Elin Dukes, being accredited by the Alzheimer’s Society as Dementia Friends Champions.

They now facilitate sessions in-house for all employees providing a better understanding of what dementia is and how they can tailor their advice and assistance to meet growing needs.

They also offer monthly open sessions to members of the public and are strong advocates within the business community.

Me Macara said: “The sessions show how some seemingly small things their staff can do help those affected by dementia or their carers and can make a huge difference to their experience as their clients.”

Southdown Leisure, which includes Splashpoint and Worthing Leisure Centre, has around 200 staff.

Its four Dementia Champions are rolling the programme out across their centres.

Bus company Stagecoach is joining in and they hope to start their rollout to 180+ drivers as soon as they can.

Dawn Fairbrother, from the Alzheimer’s Society, said people affected by dementia wanted to be better understood and included so that they could continue to contribute to their local community.