A SIX-FEET tall chocolate Thomas the Tank Engine was on display this weekend in the main concourse of King’s Cross Station.

The sculpture is seven-feet long and was made by prop-makers Plunge Productions, based in Drove Road, Portslade.

The company is a prop maker and provides creative and design services made out of a variety of materials including wood, plastic, metal, fibreglass and polystyrene.

The chocolate Thomas the Tank Engine weighs 140 kg and took more than 250 hours to make, with the help of three master chocolatiers.

It is made out of more than 100kg of chocolate including milk, dark and white chocolate.

Jen Lindsey-Clark, chocolate craftsperson, said: “To take Thomas from a little blue die-cast engine to a large-scale chocolate structure has been an exciting challenge.

“To sculpt this in chocolate has been one of the most fun projects we have been set but the great thing about my job is that if it goes wrong you can just melt it down and start again.”