JUST to clear up some points raised by A Gumbrill, GP Anderson, Dan Walsh and the seafront traders (Letters, April 18) on the plans to save the Madeira Terraces.

Firstly we are trying to save them and have been working hard for some time on a plan, a fact that seems to have got lost in all of this.

We are putting in several million pounds of council money but need matching funding from the Lottery and some from crowdfunding too.

That could come from businesses as well as from the public but we can’t force people to contribute via a levy or tax as Tina Haynes from Concorde 2 suggests.

I don’t think it is “abhorrent” to invite people to contribute if they want to and if they are able; after all, many Victorian projects like this were funded by public subscription in the first place.

It won’t be the whole solution but it can play a crucial part in getting us going.

Our Lottery bid will go in next month. Combined, this kick-starter funding will get the first phase of the £23 million project started and allow us to get a loan from the Public Works Loan Board if we can demonstrate that there is commercial demand to use the space beneath the Arches for shops, offices and cafés.

The income from those businesses will pay back the loan.

It was Public Works Loan Board funding that the Green-led council, with support from the Conservative Group, used to fund the i360.

Labour in opposition voted against.

It wasn’t council funds that were spent on it and some of the income from the i360 can now be used on the seafront, including the Terraces.

Funding on parks and roads cannot be diverted to the Terraces as GP Anderson suggests; that has already been slashed by the Government so we need every penny that is left.

We have huge challenges in funding social care, in tackling housing issues and in keeping our 700 other local services going in the face of huge reductions in funding from central Government.

That doesn’t mean we should neglect our heritage but it doesn’t make the task any easier.

At our next main committee meeting we will look at how Madeira Drive as a whole will be regenerated with the arena at Black Rock, the new Sea Lanes pool and the Zip Wire sitting alongside a restored Madeira Terraces.

The public wanted an inclusive discussion, a chance to contribute and a sense of urgency that this project is being pushed forward.

Despite the reluctance of the Government to back our efforts that is now happening.

I urge everyone to get behind the campaign and save the Madeira Terraces for the future.

Councillor Warren Morgan

Leader of Brighton and Hove City Council