I DON’T mind taking the knocks over politics, that’s part of the job.

However, I won’t take it lying down when Eric Waters says I’m “jumping on the bandwagon” by celebrating the Albion’s success (Letters, April 18).

I went to my first game at the Goldstone in 1973, when players stayed in my parents’ spare room at our house. I grew up on the East Terrace during the glory days of Ward and Mullery, standing with my grandfather who’d been going to games since the 1920s.

I was at Newcastle in 1979 and Wembley in 1983, and I’ve been a season ticket holder with my dad at the Amex since it opened. I haven’t missed a home game all season.

I raised the Albion flag over Brighton Town Hall 12 months ago, just as I did at Hove Town Hall last week. I believed until the end we could do it last year, just as I believed we’d do it this year.

The hotel application was turned down by the cross-party planning committee which by law I can have no influence over. I will work with the club if they bring the proposal back to try and get it recommended for approval.

I am incredibly proud to lead the city as the team finally win promotion to the Premier League.

I was an Albion fan long before being a councillor, and will remain so. Say what you like about my politics or my actions in office Mr Waters, but never question my support for the Albion!

Councillor Warren Morgan, Leader of Brighton and Hove City Council