THERE is only one reason for the plan to site the new Brighton arena on the Black Rock site (Argus, April 22), and that is because the council already owns the site.

The same thing happened with The Keep.

The council owned the site which is on the edge of Brighton and not easily accessible for people without a car, or who are coming in to Brighton by train. The site is also liable to vandalism as it is not overlooked.

The council intends to extend shops in Churchill Square on to the site of the Brighton Centre, yet many shops e.g. M&S and BHS are closing in many places as more people are now buying on line.

Can you imagine someone promoting the Black Rock site for use as a conference centre? Howling gales, driving rain, no choice of restaurants, poor public transport, chaos at the Old Seine roundabout etc.?

Why not just upgrade the Brighton Centre on its present site? There are lots of restaurants etc on its doorstep and there is more shelter from the howling gales.

Selma Montford, Clermont Road, Brighton