HERE at Taste we were informed of the refurbishment that has been carried out at the Moon of India in Seaford.

The team there has certainly shown strength of character to battle back after difficult times. Waiter Ahmed Remon Hayder was murdered during a bungled burglary seven years ago, a tragedy which devastated all at the popular restaurant.

But it has carried and deserves great credit for that

Having passed it many times, the Gourmand had often thought about a return.

Looking through the windows on the main thoroughfare through Seaford, the restaurant certainly looks the part after being redecorated.

But what about the food?

To give it a good independent rating and focus on the taste, I decided for a change to go for a takeaway and see how the fare stood up to the test.

When I collected I found the dining room bright and airy and the staff give you a nice warm welcome on arrival.

I wish more places were like that.

The restaurant and particularly the menu has more of a classic curry house vibe to it, less of a Brighton-esque, modern Indian restaurant. It has a nostalgic feel that I happen to like.

The menu has all the classics. I did not see my favourite chicken tikka Ceylon but I’m sure they would have done it if asked.

When I say the classics, you have your tikka masalas, bhunas, madras and vindaloos.

But I wanted to try some of their different dishes.

I ended up choosing the chicken makhani, billed as a mild and creamy exotic sauce with coconut, almond and pure ghee. But more on that excellent choice later, as it was definitely the highlight of my choices.

Poppadoms are never as good in a takeaway though are they? That plastic bag of onion salad. The cool minty sauce was OK though, kicking things off nicely alongside the cool and crisp Cobra lager.

There is a nice choice of starters which includes a chef’s specials choice.

I went for the mixed platter choice of onion bhaji, chicken tikka and sheek kebab. All three were a delight. Nice crisp bhaji and the lamb sheek kebab was indeed as it was described, well spiced before it was cooked in a tandoori oven.

Nice big juicy and tasty chunks of chikken tikka too.

Starting my main with my new choice of a chilli naan bread was the low point to be honest. Too dry and chewy. It was too hard, which was a big shame because the hot chilli aftertaste was not over done. I suspect it was the case that if you sit down inthe restaurant and have the naan a little fresher it would be much better. I’m probably used to my usual choice, the peshwari naan, being less dry too.

The tarka sag dall dish of spinach and lentils was a winner with a nice and strong garlic taste. The main dish was definitely the highlight though. The chicken makhani has pure ghee that gives it a very buttery taste. It was like a butter chicken dish but with such a more fruity and sweet taste. It worked really well without needing to be very spicy at all.

The Moon of India produces classic Indian restaurant dishes and some strong chef’s specials and other dishes to make the place well worth a visit.

I made a mistake trying the takeaway as the food, while good on the whole, would be better in the restaurant.

I’ll choose that option next time.

  • The Gourmand pays for his meals.


Food: ★★★★

Service: ★★★★

Atmosphere: ★★★


Mixed platter starter: £4.95

Chilli naan: £2

Cucumber raita: £1.60

Chicken makhani: £8.95

Tarka sag dal: £3.75