AT a time when the cost of commuting into London has never been higher, recruiters are increasingly shunning the city in favour of employers closer to home.

That’s according to Hove-based niche technology recruiter, MRL Group.

A case in point is Jack Emmingham who recently joined MRL as a principal consultant, sourcing contractors for the company’s international client base.

Prior to joining, Jack spent six and a half years in central London and not only spent £4,800 a year on rail fares but also had to contend with an hour and a half commute each way from Brighton to London.

Jack said: “There’s a common misconception that in order to have a career and earn significant money you need to be in the capital.

“That’s simply not the case – particularly when you add the astronomical cost of commuting into London.

“It just doesn’t add up.

“This, coupled with the uncertainty of even getting to work each day, took its toll so I decided to look closer to home.

“I now enjoy a substantially reduced journey and, while I still get the train, I always get a seat, I have more disposable income thanks to a much cheaper journey, and I arrive feeling relaxed and ready for the day ahead.”

Chief executive David Stone said: “It’s not surprising that we are seeing talent exit the capital.”