Stepping between the realms of the horrifying, heartwarming and erotic all the while buoyed by a haunting and ambient soundtrack; that is Under The Skin.

Jonathan Glazer’s trippy sci-fi horror flick was presented with Mica Levi’s score performed live by London Sinfonietta conducted by Micachu. The picture is built on intimacy and an uncomfortable atmosphere, both of which are amplified by the screeching rises and moaning falls of the strings.

Long sequences of near silence are carried supremely as you experience a depth of soundscape greater than anything you could hope for from even the best cinema sound system. As we watch sensual otherworldly predator The Female (Scarlett Johansson) stalk her victims through the streets of Glasgow, the icy fingers of the creeping score the run a red-painted nail up your spine.

With the shrill and lurching unsettling soundtrack being performed expertly just a stone’s throw away as you are mesmerised by what is unfolding on screen, you can almost feel our hungry alien’s breath on your neck. As the lead meets the uncomfortable truth of mankind, the audience became just as deeply acquainted with Levi’s unsettling musical triumph.

A seamless marriage of sound and screen.