THE Labour Party is always talking about democracy and the individual, it’s a pity it does not go as far as council level.

Hanover and Elm Grove have been fighting for a full parking scheme for many years, it looks like it will happen this year.

Queen’s Park, Pankhurst Estate and roads to the east of Elm Grove did not, we are having a soft touch scheme imposed on us.

Residents are asking why.

The only suggestion is the council expects an overspill once the full scheme comes in.

Anybody in Hanover who expects to find a space is in for a shock.

The Pankhurst Estate is overfilled due to parking for both the General Hospital and the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

As part of this soft touch scheme, three roads are having double yellow lines imposed on both sides, this will lead to even more congestion.

The hours of this soft touch scheme will have little effect on the hospital parking, so why bother with it?

If your part of the city is considering it, it will have an impact on you and the area around you.

The parking team will come to have meetings, listen and go away, it will make no difference as they come with a set agenda.

A Price, Freshfield Road, Brighton