"Young children feel everything, go through the highs and lows of everything everyday. We temper ourselves as we get older.”

These words were spoken by Lotte Tickner (Hartleby), in the after-show talk as only three words were spoken by the characters in the performance itself; Jeramee, Hartleby and Oooglemore, names through which every emotion, desire and disaster was expressed. Written by Gary Owen and directed by Tim Crouch, this colourful play tells the story of three characters on a day out at the beach. Hartleby and Oooglemore are like young children, whilst Jeramee is a carer figure, although Crouch said: “We want you to decide their ages and whether they’re family or friends.”

The young audience continually giggled at the expressive physical comedy - from Oooglemore’s (Fionn Gill) wee in the sea (where the audience were sitting), to Jeramee’s (Jude Owusu) failed attempts to put up his deck chair. So many sensations were squeezed in to this delightfully simple and yet poignantly perceptive portrayal of a child’s day. Tickner cleverly exaggerates Hartleby’s irritation at having to share her towel, and her terror when she can’t locate Jeramee.

Gill also expertly portrays a child’s innocence and sense of discovery as he lets go of his balloon and watches it fly away. It demonstrates how so much can be said in so few words.