I HAD a spinal fusion operation recently on my back which took place at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton.

This was due to having a condition called spondylolisthesis. I was in hospital for six days in total. The first time was for four days, and then I had to be readmitted again for a further two days as a result of getting chronic back pain and also having a high heart rate.

However, the care I got on both occasions, first at level 8a West Ward, and then again in level 8 Tower, was nothing but great.

I noticed that the doctors, nurses, health nurse assistants and porters that were working were from various countries such as Portugal, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania as well as from the UK.

However, what I noticed was that they all worked together very hard and all as a team and without hesitation tended to put patients first every time.

I personally feel that if Brexit was to send them home then the NHS will be worse off. They must be allowed to stay.

More importantly give them and everybody else that works in the hospitals all around the UK for the

NHS the pay rise that they rightly deserve.

Mark Aldous, Melrose Avenue, Portslade