I was recently using the toilets by the Royal Pavilion Gardens and the bad smell was almost overpowering.

What an earth do visitors to the city think?

Considering Brighton is a tourist destination, the lack of public toilets in Brighton is a disgrace.

London Road’s only toilets are hidden away in the Open Market and once you leave central Brighton heading west, there are none until you reach Hove Town Hall and Blatchington Road.

The ones in Churchill Square are decent, but in the rest of the city and its suburbs facilities have been decimated.

When councils are making cuts to local services, what they don’t realise is that a public toilet is necessity, not a luxury.

I sometimes feel that our council wants people to stay away from the city. We have some of the highest parking charges in the country, dirty streets with overflowing bins and few toilets for the volume of visitors. Welcome to Brighton.

Maggie Knight, North Road, Portslade