I STRONGLY condemn that this week Theresa May has said she may plan to bring back fox hunting

That Theresa May has been forced into this admission is extremely telling.

The bloodthirsty plot to repeal the foxhunting ban had, until now, only been discussed behind closed doors.

This is because the Tories know that 84 per cent of the public oppose this barbaric pursuit.

It is a pursuit which is enjoyed by only a tiny privileged minority.

Let’s be clear, the Conservatives did not want to be open with the public about this plan.

The party has a history of subverting our democracy when it comes to foxhunting.

For example a vote to repeal the ban was quietly abandoned in 2015.

This is when it became clear the Government didn’t have the numbers to push it through.

Foxhunting is an abomination dressed up as a tradition, enjoyed only by a monied few.

It is entirely needless and causes tremendous suffering.

Yet our wannabe Prime Minister Theresa May remains a shockingly staunch advocate.

This week’s leak and subsequent admission should set alarm bells ringing for animal welfare advocates across Britain.

As Greens, we will continue to protect our British wildlife by fighting tooth and nail to ensure this barbaric practice remains illegal.

  • Keith Taylor is a Member of the European Parliament for the South East and the Green Party’s animals spokesman