AS a Labour member of nearly 40 years, living in Lewes, I am finally tempted to vote tactically in the current election.

It does seem practical given Labour do well to save their deposit and with the Greens making way for united fight against the Tories in the constituency.

But, many are talking as if the Liberals are an automatic opposition to the Tories.

Yet, only two years ago they completed a five year unstinting support for them that brought us austerity.

Although a Labour man I initially had some sympathy for them at the start of the coalition, perhaps they could water down the right wing policies.

But, then we found out what Liberalism can mean.

There was orange book Liberalism, which enabled the Chancellor George Osbourne to have a willing accomplice in Danny Alexander.

David Cameron had the belittled stooge Nick Clegg.

They rubbished Labour’s public spending over the years as reckless with Tory enthusiasm and set about helping their partners destroy the state in Britain.

And they did not use the excuse to drop out after a few years, and distance themselves, apart from the pathetic Norman Baker's late conversion with a cry to legalise cannabis as a sop to the non conformists in his constituency.

Will it really be a vote for change?

Trevor Hopper, Valence Road, Lewes