I HAVE been reading the recent letters in the Argus about the state of public toilets in the City of Brighton and Hove with great interest.

Yesterday my partner and I visited Eastbourne, our first trip this year and we had a lovely leisurely walk along the lengthy promenade there. What a contrast to Brighton. Every 100 yards or so there were public toilets open and available for just the cost of 20 pence. Inside they were clean and tidy and a pleasure to use. The promenade was completely clear of any rubbish.

We didn't see a single piece of dropped litter at all during the whole visit. The whole place had a relaxed calm atmosphere witnessed by many holidaymakers and locals enjoying the day in this beautiful tidy resort.

If Eastbourne can keep their town clean and have public toilets open and in use at regular intervals why can’t Brighton?

Ann Chrisfield

Coombe Rise,