IT really is about time Brighton and Hove Buses addressed the problem caused by allowing oversized buggies on their buses.

Many parents seem to enjoy showboating with the equivalent of 4x4s in the buggy world and still expect to bring them on buses, even at the busiest times,

despite the obstructions caused by the sheer size of these conveyances.

The other day my wife and I were on the bus when no fewer than three large buggies were allowed on board.

Without exception their resultant positioning meant that all three blocked part of the gangway, causing difficulties for downstairs passengers boarding or getting off (some of who had walking sticks, etc).

Furthermore, had a wheelchair user wanted to get on he or she would not have been able to because there was no space available.

Effectively this is discrimination against the disabled.

It’s understandable that parents want the best for their children (if biggest really is best), and they can parade them round in oversized buggies to their hearts’ content, in the park, on the roads, in suitable cafes to meet up with friends etc but please, not on buses to the detriment of other passengers.

It would seem sensible for only collapsible pushchairs to be allowed on so that these can be stored on the rack just inside the doors.

Parents then have the opportunity to travel on the buses without causing problems for others.

Even if a parent still wants to buy an all-singing, all-dancing buggy, then I would suggest that if they can afford such a luxury, their budgets would surely stretch to buying a much cheaper collapsible pushchair as well solely for use on buses.

David Gibbons, The Deneway, Brighton