I WAS shocked to read the responses in Kristy Adams’ interview with the Argus (May 16).

Not only did she refuse to answer how she voted in the EU referendum, she seems proud of not having a campaigning spirit and when asked how to protect our constituency from a hard Brexit she started talking about her domestic appliances.

What we need are real answers on what Brexit will mean for ordinary people.

There are many small businesses in Hove and Portslade which would suffer hugely from the UK crashing out of the single market and thousands of EU citizens working in our hospitality sector, schools and NHS whose rights should be guaranteed straight away.

The Liberal Democrats are offering a referendum on the terms of Brexit because we don’t believe anyone voted to be poorer.

On June 8 we have one final chance to change direction from a hard divisive Brexit towards an open, tolerant and united future.

Carrie Hynds, Liberal Democrat candidate for Hove and Portslade