The Green Party has outlined its ten key election pledges which it says will offer a “message of hope” to voters.

Co-leader Caroline Lucas, who has represented the constituency of Brighton Pavilion since 2010, vowed to create a “confident and caring Britain which reaches for a bigger future” as she unveiled the party’s vision to transform politics.

Her party’s so-called Green Guarantee details plans to “roll back privatisation of the NHS”.

On Brexit, it promises a referendum on the terms of a Brexit deal and promises to protect freedom of movement and “immediately guarantee” the rights of EU citizens in the UK.

Addressing media at a launch event in central London yesterday, Ms Lucas said: “I can’t remember a time in my own lifetime where the future has felt more uncertain – with Brexit, with accelerating climate change, with an NHS in crisis.

“We face challenges that we can’t possibly pretend to fix in the next 100 days, or the next 1,000.

“Threats to our economic future, threats to our security, threats to our planet.

“But ours is a message of hope because we believe if we stand together for what matters, we can change the course of history.”

Ms Lucas said Theresa May’s pursuit of an “extreme Brexit” posed a threat to the country, adding that the Prime Minister had “no mandate” to do so.

She said it was not clear what “leave” would look like so insisted the whole country should vote on the terms of the deal.

Ms Lucas said the Green Party was “glad” to see policies from its 2015 General Election campaign, including scrapping tuition fees and nationalising the railways, in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party manifesto.

Green Party candidates have stood down in several constituencies in an attempt to bolster the Labour vote, including in Brighton Kemptown.

But Ms Lucas said she felt “let down” by the Labour Party’s lack of “rigorous” opposition to Brexit.

She said: “Essentially, they have allowed the Government to have a blank cheque on a hard Brexit and, not only that, they helped them cash it in at the bank as well.”

She insisted the Green Party was “very distinct” from Labour, going further to protect the environment and pledging to scrap Trident.

“Sadly, we feel there’s still quite a long way to go for Labour and we are proud to be offering something very distinct,” she said.

The ten-point Green Guarantee published online yesterday morning promises:

l to move towards the creation of a universal basic income, phase in a four-day working week, and create quotas for female representation on company boards

l to replace fracking, coal power stations, and subsidies to fossil fuels and nuclear energy with “the clean green renewable energy of the future”

l support for the Remain campaign and a referendum on the detail on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations

l to roll back privatisations in the NHS and put mental care on the same footing as physical health care

l to increase school funding, and abolish SATs exams and tuition fees

l to reinstate housing benefit for under-21s and eradicate age bands in the national minimum wage

l to introduce rent controls, secure tenancies and renters’ unions

l to cancel the replacement of the Trident nuclear deterrent and stop arms sales to oppressive regimes

l to introduce proportional representation for all UK elections, create a Parliament which is 50 per cent female and abolish the House of Lords

l to renationalise the railways.