A LESBIAN has demanded the Conservative candidate for Hove confirm whether she thinks homosexuality is a sin.

It comes as Tory Kristy Adams failed for a third time to provide a clear statement on the subject.

Angela Paterson, a care worker from Hove, said that when she attended a church to which Mrs Adams has links, parishioners prayed to rid her of the “demonic stronghold” of her homosexual thoughts.

Miss Paterson, 46, said the experience had been deeply emotionally damaging and when she discovered Mrs Adams was standing in Hove she had immediate concerns over her beliefs about homosexuality.

From 1995 to 2000 Miss Paterson attended the King’s Arms church in Bedford, living in one of its properties.

She said: “Demonic strongholds were part of the culture of the church, they believed people could have demons in them.

“That came up regarding me when I told them I was gay.

“Two people came into my room in the discipleship house and they prayed for me, they prayed that the stronghold over me would be broken in terms of homosexuality.”

Mrs Adams and her husband attended the King’s Arms during their time in Bedford and in 2010 Mrs Adams spoke of being responsible for a “faith healing” incident at the church the previous year.

There is no suggestion that Mrs Adams or her husband were involved in any anti-homosexual sentiment or activity.

A week ago Mrs Adams refused to answer The Argus when asked if she thought homosexuality was a sin, referring us to her campaign manager.

A day later her office released a statement in her name.

It read: “I supported the Government as they introduced same-sex marriage four years ago.

“I am committed to all forms of equality. I value acceptance of people of all backgrounds, sexes and sexuality.

“My personal view is that I can’t believe in 2017 that I would need to state the obvious.

“I have never been homophobic and find it disturbing to hear of people who are homophobic.

“The LGBT community in Brighton and Hove champions tolerance and fights injustice.

“I share their desire to make our community a place of acceptance. Theresa May said in the Conservative manifesto that it doesn’t matter what your background is or who you are, we are here to give you the best chance in life to achieve your potential.”

In response to the statement, Miss Paterson said: “It feels like someone has written that statement for her and we should know her true views on it.

“She needs to answer the question: does she think homosexuality is a sin?”

When The Argus put Miss Paterson’s questions to Mrs Adams yesterday, Conservative Central Office in London emailed a copy of the statement from the Hove campaign office.

Last night Miss Paterson, who moved to Hove in 2000, said: “She still needs to say, is it her belief that homosexuality is a sin?

“It’s important that we know, and that people keep on asking the question.”

Mrs Adams’ Labour opponent Peter Kyle, who is gay, said: “I was heartbroken to hear of Angela’s torment at the hands of a church with extreme and fringe beliefs on homosexuality.

“She fled to Hove for sanctuary and that is what she found because that is the kind of community we strive to be.

“After all she has been through, I am filled with anger and sorry that she is not given the open-hearted and direct answers she is entitled to.

“Sadly this speaks to the kind of MP Kristy would be and I for one think people like Angela deserve better.”