I AM writing regarding savage, aggressive dogs. 

I have always had dogs ranging from German shepherds and Staff.

I have worked at kennels and shown my dogs. I am a responsible owner.

When my two Staffs attacked a German shepherd dog in Queen’s Park six and a half years ago  I phoned the dog warden and had my two beautiful dogs put to sleep as I never wanted to be in that position again.

My friend recently gave me a puppy, three-quarter pug,  one quarter Staff.  She is very small (16 weeks),  great with children, people etc and in training.  Earlier this month I was near a woman with at least five small breeds of dog. 

Poppy  (my pup)  got very excited. Poppy was on a lead as were the lady’s dogs. 

When my dog approached her dogs,  they were so aggressive. The woman seemed to think this was acceptable.

I made it clear that I wasn’t happy but wasn’t rude as I was with my daughter and her two-year-old son.

I am so angry I have phoned the dog warden and am waiting to be called back. People are quick to kick off if it’s a dog on the danger list, but these little dog owners shouldn’t have snappy vicious dogs that can still seriously hurt children as well.

No one seems to voice this as little dogs are cute.  A lot of their owners don’t pick up their mess as they say it’s “so small” but  any dogs mess is a danger. 

I have had another incident with a very small pug going for my son’s dog which is a Staff/ridgeback. I controlled my dog and he behaved but they thought it was hilarious.

I did make sure I voiced my opinion as if it had been my dog going for the pug I don’t think they would have been laughing.

Cathy Greene, Kingswood Street, Brighton