MORE than 1,000 cyclists dared to bare all in Brighton’s most revealing and fleshiest protest.

The 11th annual Brighton Naked Bike Ride saw participants from all over the world strip down and saddle up for a ride around the city.

Participants and supporters gathered at The Level in Brighton from midday before setting out on an eight mile ride ending at the Duke’s Mound naturist beach.

The Brighton ride is one of the most popular of worldwide stagings of the event during June with other UK versions taking place in Portsmouth, Southampton, Canterbury and London.

As well as being a celebratory and fun day out, organisers and those taking part were keen to stress the political and protest elements of the event designed to celebrate bikes, bodies and low-impact living, highlight the vulnerability of cyclists and protest against fossil-fuelled climate change and the over-reliance on cars.

Sarah Akers, 28 from Seven Dials in Brighton, said: “It is my first time. I have wanted to do it ever since I moved here ten years ago but I’ve never had anyone to do it with before.

“Some people are really anti, some people have said ‘it’s revolting, put some clothes on’ but most people’s reaction is really positive which is empowering.”

Martin Ant, 42, from London Road in Brighton, said: “I was at the first naked bike ride, there was about 100 people and ever since then it has just grown into this great day that everybody can be involved in.

“There were problems with police on the first one and I think the council were just shamed into understanding that we don’t need to feel shame about our bodies.

“It is a global phenomenon but the Brighton one is a particularly good one.”

Oli Lipski, 23 from Lewes Road, Brighton, emblazoned a message of support for Jeremy Corbyn in red body paint across her chest.

She said: “There’s obviously a serious message to an event like this especially with what is happening at the moment.

“Its definitely a political event, women aren’t allowed to go topless and that’s why we brought our male friend who has covered up his nipples.

“This is the first time I’ve done it because this is the first time I have had a bike.”

Alex Richards, from Brighton, said: “I have been a naturist all my life, I was brought up on the continent, and I believe it’s the perversion of the masses of people filled with sexual repression, people are too prissy, it’s pathetic.

“There is a difference between being and doing. If I was going around and getting into people’s faces that would be wrong and I would expect to be arrested.”

Event co-founder Nick Sayers said: “It’s just such a Brighton event and its great that it has become part of the festival, carnival and protest calendar of the city.

“The weather has been good today, starting off a bit overcast will hopefully mean that people won’t be getting burnt or suffering from exhaustion.”