I BEG to differ with Adam Trimingham's  comments about the Naked Bike Ride.

On Sunday unfortunately I was in the area of the Level where this inappropriate ride takes place.

For him to say that it gives cause for little offence, he is not talking to the parents that I have spoken to.

Also I think he is over estimating the numbers who take part in  this event.

I also notice that he does not mention that this is started in a children's skate park and play area.

It is forced on us we have no choice.

I am a grandparent and of all the parents I have spoken to, not one thinks that the Level is an appropriate place to have this event, where nude men and women can cavort within yards of a children's park.

Maybe the council should think again.

Start it at the Race Hill and see how many turn up when there are less public and no children to exhibit in front of.

Maybe a better idea have it in the middle of winter rather than the summer.

From an ordinary person of Brighton.

John Marchant, Goodwood Way, Brighton