QUITE predictably, I caused a considerable degree of anger amongst my UKIP colleagues with my Argus letter dated May 24 encouraging UKIP supporters to back the extreme anti Brexit Peter Kyle.

As I stated at the time, unless something totally unexpected happens, we will have a Tory government for the next ten years,  and we will need a strong opposition to curb any excess they try to inflict on the country. 

Despite his anti Brexit stand, Peter Kyle has proved himself to be a top quality constituency MP with proven honesty and integrity.

The unexpected has happened. 

The Tories conducted an election campaign that was so incompetent, that we would be justified in thinking that it was deliberately sabotaged in order to scupper the Brexit process.

Having increased the retirement age by seven years for a woman and two years for a man. Did the Tories really think that they could win an election by telling old age pensioners that they are a useless unacceptable burden on society,  and should be happy to live in poverty for the good of the country.  

The election result means that strong MPs like Peter Kyle are going to be needed more than ever.

In all the euphoria it probably has not occurred to Labour,  that in the long term the election result was a bigger disaster for them than it was for the Tories.

It means that they will have to go into the next election with a leader who is determined to bankrupt the country with an impossible fiscal policy.

As things stand at the minute, the public will have a choice of one of two extremes. 

We clearly need a middle ground party who will represent the ordinary tax paying public.

Stuart Bower

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