SO summer has arrived with this fantastic heatwave.

Tried to get to the beach on Sunday but it proved impossible with the bike ride.

So I finally got there on Monday night and went for a swim.

The water temp was OK, as warm as we had swum in Spain in April, not as hot as Rhodes in May. But still pleasant.

What wasn't pleasant was the water quality with plastic beer glasses, fag butts, paper napkins and dog poo.

So a question is: has all the council money been spent on the i360 so we can get the "Down From Londoners" for the day at the expense of the locals.

Do we have anyone to clean the beach anymore?

I remember last year The Argus ran a clean the beach event with volunteers.

Will you have to do it again or do you think the council could think about locals as oppose to the London gold?

Bill Taylor

Rugby Road