A FURIOUS mother is calling for a clampdown on foxes roaming the streets after the family’s pet rabbit was killed.

Annette Conkleton, from Hove, found the blood and fur of Peter the rabbit scattered around her garden on Sunday evening after he was let out to play.

She said the family was distraught over the loss of Peter who was part of the family for five years.

Mrs Conkleton, 47, said: “I feel awful and the children are so upset.

“Peter can’t come back and the problem is there are too many foxes about.

“My suggestion would be to try and get some sort of birth control measures put in place because they are obviously breeding in numbers.

“There are just too many foxes about.

“Something needs to be done because they are always getting in to gardens – they can climb over our fence.”

Mrs Conkleton was horrified when she saw Peter’s fur and blood in the garden.

She noticed he was missing at around 6pm and the family immediately started to look look for him.

The family believes Peter was taken by foxes because his body could not be found.

Mrs Conkleton said Peter was usually kept indoors but would occasionally be let out because he was a “free rabbit”.

She is now worried about the safety of her children, the youngest of whom is six.

She said: “My children play in the garden all the time.

“Foxes carry a lot of diseases and if they got in the garden how do I know they wouldn’t attack my kids?

“They also leave droppings which is unhealthy for the kids.”

Mrs Conkleton said she sees foxes in her garden every night and feels that they do not belong on the streets of Hove.

“They are wild animals, they should not be coming in to a garden in the city,” she said.

“Imagine in five years time how many foxes are going to be out there.

“Something has to be done before this gets out of hand.”